as sallam'alaykum. (nour is being dramatic rn but this blog has been here for 4 years) i can't really get myself to delete this blog, but i think i'm done using it. it's been four long years and these past four years have been the hardest of my life, but alhamdulilah for them. and i just found somewhat of a safe space here on tumblr. and i met a lot of people. but i've come to the realization this ramadan, of many things. it's time to focus on getting on my deen, rebuilding myself so i can finally reach stability in my life someday soon inshAllah. but ramadan kareem, wallahi i'm keeping you guys in my du'as inshAllah, praying the best for all of you. and jazakumAllah kheir for everything, to all of you. for always being their for me and giving me someone to talk to, someone to support me. inshAllah you guys will forgive me if i've wronged you in any way. may you reach your dreamssssss and may we reunite in jannatul firdaws inshAllah. much loveeee xoxoxo peace to you all ~ <333 (but! if you guys want to you can add me on fb LOL 'cause that's what i use to keep in contact with everyone, really. just tell me who you are...... hahah) :)